I believe in and practice a holistic approach to health, meaning that all areas of your life are connected and important in feeling your best, not just what you eat.  Are you overeating because you are stressed?  Low on energy and experiencing cravings because you have trouble sleeping at night?  Lacking motivation to work out, feeling bad about yourself and making poor food choices?  We will look at how all aspects of your life affect your health.


Our work together will be guided by the below, whether individual coaching, a cooking class, or a workshop! 

We are all different!  What motivates and helps you feel at the top of your game may be different from your best friend, husband or wife, or some famous health personality.  And why shouldn't it be?!  Your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, lifestyle and dietary preferences are unique to you. The beauty of bio-individuality! I work with clients one on one, in order to find what is keeping YOU specifically from feeling your best, and tackle those hurdles head on. I don't prescribe to any specific diet or counting calories, but rather focus on shifting towards whole, real foods.
Being healthy should still be fun! You shouldn't feel bad for enjoying pizza with your family, having a glass of wine or two, or skipping a workout to meet a friend for coffee. The key is in creating a strong healthy baseline so that when you veer off, you can get back on track quickly. But remembering that if you "veer off" every day, there goes your baseline!  Oops.  I'll help you stay on track, and get you set up to continue it on your own when we're done.
I almost don't want to use the word simple, because you will have to put thought and effort into change...it won't happen overnight and doesn't happen without the work!  BUT changes don't have to be drastic in order to create big ripple effects in your life and wellness. You may surprise yourself at how you can feel better, look better, and bring more energy to your life and relationships when you replace a few habits that aren't serving you with better ones.
When you know better, you do better (hopefully?!).  My goal is to give you real, tangible reasons to prioritize your health, so that it no longer is some lofty ideal. You may have heard why you should or eat XYZ related to your health, but I want to break it down into so it relates to you, your life, your body.  You'll find this information in my blog posts, by signing up for my email newsletter, and/or by becoming a client!
We shouldn't strive for perfection.  It's boring and frankly, hard to be around.  You stop by my house, and I guarantee we'll sit around and laugh but I can't guarantee you won't sit in a pile of crumbs from my preschooler or that every single dish from breakfast will be cleaned and put away.  I won't ask for perfection from you.  And I will be real myself.  I don't want the quest for perfection to be disheartening because even the smallest step forward (switching daily Diet Coke to water) is a win and can and will lead to positive momentum.